The flight display in Axalp, near Brienz (Switzerland), is a unique experience in the world for military aviation fans as well as photographers. Only in Axalp can planes be seen and shot while flying at high speed, often below the level of viewers, and shooting at targets placed along the valley and on rocky walls.

The 2008 edition was the third I attended in Axalp (after the ones in 2006 and 2007) - the first one with a digital camera. The flight display was affected by particularly unfavourable weather conditions at high altitude, which caused the cancellation of both demos on Wednesday and Thursday. The cancellation of demos, sometimes including the preceding trainings, is an absolutely normal event, considering that the display always takes place in early October...

For the real fan climbing a difference in height of more than 1,000 metres on foot (unlike people with press accreditation, who go up by helicopter later in the morning...), Axalp is an ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE experience!

Every year we must thank the Swiss Air Force and the Swiss culture of aviation for offering us the chance to see a unique event... Thank you!

The section on Axalp photographic report is subdivided into two parts: the first shows the high altitude shooting range (Ebenfluh Axalp) and the second focuses on the Meiringen airbase at the feet of the mountains, which host the shooting range.

Axalp shooting range: 2245 meters above sea level!

High speed passage!

Meiringen AB: 595 meters above sea level.

Really high-speed passage: you can see the air pressure causing optical deformation around the airplane. The exposure time was 1/1500 of second!