Airshow: AeroClub Open Day (Reggio Emilia, I)

The AeroClub Reggio Emilia organized a special Open Day to salute the first Italian registration of a privately-owned military jet

Warbirds: Italian Jet Provost´s first flight (Reggio Emilia, I)

The Jet Provost from the «Arabian Phoenix Museum» had its first flight with Italian registration I-PROV

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Airshow: Frecce Tricolori display at 50th Wing AB (San Damiano, I)

Frecce Tricolori's season first demo display over San Damiano AB

Base visit: nest of Italian Typhoons (Grosseto, I)

Back to Grosseto for a busy two-day visit to the Eurofighter Typhoons of Italian Air Force 4th Wing

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Warbirds: CAP10 of the «Arabian Phoenix Museum» (Reggio Emilia, I)

Visit to «Arabian Phoenix Museum» and its historical aircraft

Balloon meeting "Mongolfiere innamorate" (Carpineti, I)

International meeting "Ballons in love" in Carpineti

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Base visit: nest of Italian Typhoons (Grosseto, I)

A brief visit to southern Tuscany to discover the nest of Italian Typhoons. The 4th Wing gave us the possibility to spend a whole day between the most advanced Italian Air Force's fighters!

Shooting range: the Swiss Air Force display (Axalp, CH)

A wonderful landscape, nested in the Swiss mountains, is the perfect background for a unique show in the world: the Axalp shooting range flight display!

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Airshow: Bardolino (I)

A small airshow on Garda lake...

Civil airport: Ioannis Kapodistrias (Corfu, GR)

Magic Greek sunsets created wonderful backgrounds during our visit to Corfu/Kerkyra international civil airport...

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Airshow: OPENFLY 2008 Memorial Day (Lugo di Romagna, I)

On July 6th 2008, the memorial airshow for WWI Italian ace pilot Francesco Baracca, born in Lugo di Romagna 90 years ago, took place with Italians pilots displaying their best under a wondeful summer blue sky!

Spotter Day: 23nd Group, 5th Wing (Cervia, I)

On June 20th 2008, the 23rd Group of Italian Air Force's 5th Wing made a great spotter day for its 90th anniversary...

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Base visit: night flights at 155th Group, 50th Wing (San Damiano, I)

On May 28th 2008, we had the opportunity to visit the 155th Group of Italian Air Force's 50th Wing during its night flights. We "caught" the Black Panters' Tornados and their Special Colour under a bit unusual light...

Warbirds: Jet Provost XM478 (Reggio Emilia, I)

Privately-owned vintage aircraft XM-478 «Jet Provost» made a custom small display, giving us the chance to take unique photos!

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